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Weymouth Church of Christ Covid-19 Update

First, we want to thank you for your patience and flexibility. As our current situation develops, we are praying, discussing, and listening while we make decisions on how best to be the church. This situation changes fast. We know more today than we did yesterday regarding how COVID-19 spreads, and that has caused us to re-evaluate the direction for our weekly Worship Gatherings.

At this time we are still meeting for our Weekly Sunday gathering. During our time together we want to emphasize the importance of following the Covid-19 restrictions we have in place and following them to the best of your ability if you choose to attend a service with us. Masks will be mandatory for all upon entering the building & we will ask everyone to sanitize their hands upon entering the building as well. 

If your wondering what to expect when you return to Church, we want to encourage you to watch the virtual tour and explanation in the video below. 





Here are some answers to a few questions you may have:

1) If I attend a gathering, can I bring my children? Absolutely. We have kids packs available once again. Now they are in sanitary packages with reusable crayons. Also, for Children ages Pre-primary - Grade 1 we have Kids Church downstairs with Amanda and Lorraine. 

2) Will I have access to a bathroom? Yes. A bathroom will be accessible at all times. We are asking people to try to exercise limited usage of bathrooms, but if used you must completely sanitize the bathroom with supplies provided before leaving the restroom. 

3) Do I need a mask? Yes, in the Province of Nova Scotia masks are mandatory in all public spaces. For those who do not have access to masks we have a limited supply on hand for distribution upon entry. 


4) Can I just show up? Yes, under the current guidelines we are allowed to fill the building to 50% capacity. We will have someone taking attendance as people enter through the doors.  

5) Can I sit with my bubble people? Yes, that is encouraged as much as possible. Also, we have pews roped off so that everyone will be seated at a safe distance apart during the service. 

6) Why is there tape on the floor in those pictures? Those are designated paths (from the entrance to your seats; from your seats to the bathroom and back again; from your seats to the entrance). Any path with an arrow is one-way only. As long as you follow the lines and use good judgement, you'll be able to maintain social distancing at all times.

Please do not feel obligated to attend in-person services. If you are at risk or maybe just not comfortable with attending a gathering like this yet, that is completely fine and we greatly support your decision. We are working hard to continue to produce online services as well. 

For those who wish to continue Worshipping from Home, we will continue to provide our weekly Livecast via Facebook for your convenience: CLICK HERE

We also will have this weeks service & previous ones available to you online via our website: CLICK HERE

Remember, through all of this uncertainty, one thing remains; God is in control.

We ask that you join us in prayer for this situation. Let’s turn to & trust God now. Stay safe everyone and continue to follow good precautionary practices.

Everyone is encouraged to follow routine prevention measures:

  • Washing hands frequently with soap and water

  • Cough and sneeze into your elbow or a tissue

  • If ill with acute respiratory symptoms, stay home if possible

  • Limit touching your eyes, nose and mouth

  • Don’t share items like drinking glasses and water bottles

  • Frequently clean surfaces like taps, doorknobs and counter-tops

  • Practice disciplined social distancing

Our decisions are not made out of fear in any way; rather, they are motivated by how we can best love our neighbors by preventing the spread of the virus unnecessarily. And we believe this gives us the opportunity to spread the message of hope in Jesus Christ with our neighbors and those who are closest to us.

If you still have any questions at all, please use the box provided below and we'll relay your questions and concerns to our leadership. 


Please contact us with any questions...

Thanks! Message sent.

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